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Cats lose almost as much fluid in the saliva while grooming themselves as they do through urination.

Table Scraps- cheers or tears for your cat?

Some people have the tendency to give their kitten the table scraps and other leftovers. This is a very bad habit that is practiced for the kitten.

A good balanced meal is essential for your kitten when it is very young. At around three months the kitten should be fed with four meals a day and this can be reduced gradually to three meals by the time it reaches six or seven months.

The meals that are given to your kitten should have proper vitamins and minerals for growth. This is very essential in the foods that you give. Always consult your veterinary surgeon on the type of diet that has to be followed for your kitten for a healthy growth.


Table scraps would upset the balanced diet and might sometimes lead to other problems like diarrhea and other allergic reactions in your kitten. Excessive weight gain is also one of the side effects of such type of feeding.

You can also look at foods that are designed and created for the kittens especially. Don't feed your kitten with the dog foods you have. These commercial foods are available in a different varieties and tastes.

Try some flavors with your kitten and it he likes it give it to him during meals. If your kitten leaves any food untouched just change that food and try some other alternative.

The commercials foods have the right mix of vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy growth of the kitten. Fresh water is needed frequently for your kitten if you foods contain dried items. It is better to fill out the water pan with fresh water frequently.

Avoid fresh and raw meat for your kitten. Give him cooked food, as it is easy for digestion. Meat, egg, tinned food, and fish are mostly preferred for kitten. Food rich in protein are essential. Don't give you kitten the byproducts of chicken like the head, feet and intestine, since they are difficult to digest.

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