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Hot tips to determine when to call your veterinarian

We know your cat’s health is very important for you and for us is very important your satisfaction. That’s why we would like to share with you some tips that will help you to determine what the current health status of your cat is. You don’t have to be a specialist or a professional to know if your cat’s behavior is normal or not. In this article you will learn some tips that will give you the tools to be aware of that as well as to determine when call to your veterinarian about your cat.

1. Nobody should know your cat more than you:

No matter if your veterinarian is the best of the world or a guru in cat’s affairs. Nobody should know your cat more than you and that’s why you should concentrate in knowing the behavior of your cat better than anybody. It is important that you stay quiet, think before taking your phone and call your veterinarian. The most important tool that will help you to know better your cat is the observation. Observation is the best mechanism that will help you to compare some differences and to know how your cat reacts to a specific action. You should observe your cat when is sleeping, eating and even playing with you. You even could know the temperaments of your animal in its daily lifestyle.

2. Evaluate the eating habits:

It’s an important issue that you should evaluate. All the time you should see the portion of food is eating and the type of food that your cat loves. If someday you see that your cat has an abrupt change probably something is happening and could be time to call your vet. Otherwise you should observe what happens.

3. You should see his sociability:

Commonly cats are very independent animals and they socialize more with people living at home. But if you see a cat staying many times in a corner, sleeping or alone for a long time you should be aware of that because probably your cat’s health is in problems.

4. Your cat’s gait:

Cats often has a particular way of walking and this never changes. If you see something strange in your cats walk you should be aware of that too.

5. Your cat’s elimination habits:

It is important also that you be familiar with the quantity, type, odor and color of your cat’s elimination. Many diseases could affect that and it could be a quick signal that tells you something is wrong.

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